jeudi 13 mars 2014

Next Show is next Thursday at 9pm !!

Don't forget that Bouche a Oreille, Radio Verulam 's monthly French show for West Herts' francophones and francophiles, will be on ThursdayMarch 20th from 9pm to 10 pm on Radio Verulam 92.6 FM and on

Find out what's going on back in France as well as locally for lovers of the French language and hear from members of the local French-speaking community.

This month, hear from families on both sides of the channel who choose to swap houses for holidays! 
Let's also meet Samuel Anger who has a Francophone website dedicated to children.
And Don't forget to "like" and leave your questions on our facebook page or send us an email.

All of this in French !
So to get a taste of home or to brush up your language skills, tune in on Thursday March 20th at 9pm

Ouvrez vos Oreilles! (ooo-vray vos oraye)

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