vendredi 21 février 2014

Toutes les infos de l'émission de Février se trouvent ici !

Lecture: Le livre de Pierre Stasse: La Nuit Pacifique

Musique: Indila, Derniere Danse
Julien Doré, Paris-Seychelles

Spectacle: Olivier Giraud "How to become a Parisian in one hour" 26 Mars et 28 Mai au Leicester Square Theatre Londres à 9.30 pm

Association Songtaaba présentée par Kathleen :
Pour faire une donation, vous trouverez tous les détails sur ma page Facebook - Kathleen Collier Granier.
Taper sur le bouton "Donate Now".
Merci à tous pour votre aide

Association Hands Together présentée par Anne
UK Registered Charity No: 1146944.
Donations & Gift Aid may be made via the website:
or cheques made payable & sent to:
Hands Together Tiplyang Project
18, Pondfield Crescent
Standing orders, however small, are very much appreciated.

Association ECHO Evelina Childrens Heart Organisation présentée par Rebecca:
A little bit about us and what we do;
ECHO support families when they are going through their toughest life journey.
Details of how funds raised for ECHO ( directly help ECHO families is exampled in the short case study below.
“Whilst undertaking a recent ward visit, one of ECHO’s volunteers met with the carer of a five year old girl who was staying in the Evelina Children’s Hospital awaiting a stage 2 open heart operation. The child was in the foster care system and had travelled down from Birmingham for her heart surgery. The carer was alone, in a different city, leaving her own children and other foster children back in Birmingham, I am sure you can imagine how terribly frightening this must be.
The carer was able to have an informative chat with our Ward Visitor and gain support at what was an incredibly difficult time for her. A few days later, we received another call from the Council Offices Support System in Birmingham asking for extra help for their carer. The child has taken a turn for the worse and would now being staying in hospital longer than expected. Upon taking the call, ECHO arranged for our Chief Executive and Membership Services Manager to travel to London to meet with the Carer, and take her away from the hospital for much needed respite. It is an incredibly lonely, frightening and awful experience for any parent/carer to go through and our support is essential in these circumstances. We provide comfort packs for unplanned emergency stays for parents and we sponsor the parents’ room on the ward, so that parents have homely facilities available to them at all times. All our Trustees, employees and volunteers are heart parents themselves and can be incredibly resourceful and of great comfort at this time.”

Veronique Mistiaen
Twitter: @VeroMistiaen
International Needs Ghana:

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